The 67th International SCIJ Meeting
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Rosa Khutor 2020

Between palm trees and Caucasus peaks!

Important Update regarding Registration Requirements!

Dear all,
We see that many SCIJ members are worried about the documents needed for the journalist visa. I understand their concern. After talking to the officials in the Foreign Ministry as well as our hosts from Rosa Khutor we are happy to offer these options to all the SCIJ members:

1) Going for a tourist visa. The simplest way. Rosa Khutor will issue a personal invitation letter for everyone which is the only "external" document required for obtaining a tourist visa. No letters of employment are required.

2) Business visa. Again, Rosa Khutor is able to ask for issuing a number of business visas but it will do so through a third party company which would probably imply more fees on participants going for this option. Any letter of employment would work in this case. Rosa Khutor is now figuring out the details for this option, and they will get back to us shortly. 

3) Journalist visa. This option is still available. It will be issued with the help of the Foreign Ministry
BUT it will require a lot of documents - a letter of employment, a press card, translation of all the documents into Russian etc.

In all cases, the press card which has been required for registration for many years now and will continue to be required to complete the SCIJ Registration. 

As easier options tourist and business visas are the easiest options everyone that we are able to offer. Rosa Khutor will start issuing the invitation letters just as soon as you have completed your online registration and piad for it. The registration site is scheduled to officially open on November 18th and one can only register using an individualized and secure link This is why you must send the pre-registration forms back ti no as quickly as possible.

In light of the recent developments, the official meeting registration and payment deadline has been extended to December 7th. 

For visa related questions please contact the SCIJ Russia team at or the Organizing Committee at: 

We look forward to seeing you all in Russia at Rosa Khutor resort for a week of crazy skiing, good wine, interesting events and a warm atmosphere!
Best wishes,


The Organizing Committee
SCIJ Kazakhstan
SCIJ Russia

Dear SCIJ friends,

We are happy to announce that we are ready to welcome you to the 67th international meeting at Rosa Khutor ski resort, located in Russia's magnificent mountain sports region of Sochi that hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is an incredible place — the ski resort is so close to the Black Sea coast that you may see water surface from the ski slopes. The climate at the resort is mild, the locals are hospitable and open-minded. Come and break your stereotypes about “gloomy” Russia!
The 67th winter meeting of SCIJ will be held from January 18-25, 2020. It is the first time the SCIJ meeting will be held in Russia since its creation. The event is organized by the SCIJ Kazakhstan and SCIJ Russia teams with the support of the main partner - the Rosa Khutor Olympic ski resort.
Our host resort Rosa Khutor is located in the very south of the Russian Federation in the mountain village Krasnaya Polyana and is 50 km away from Sochi — the city where the ХХII Olympic games were held in 2014.
Today, Rosa Khutor is a year-round world-class mountain resort with amazing ski slopes designed by the world’s leading experts in accordance with the highest service and safety standards and provides a wide variety of activities for guests. For skiing and snowboarding, there are more than 100 km of various slopes including 13 km FIS certified slopes and 29 modern ski lifts. The winter sports area is situated between 940 and 2,320 m above sea level. Rosa Khutor is the largest of the four Krasnaya Polyana ski resorts.
You can find more information about the resort at
The participants of the SCIJ meeting will be welcomed to Rosa Ski Inn – one of the best hotels in the Mountain Olympic village at an altitude of 1100 m. This 4* hotel has just been renovated and has a ski in / ski out option along with all facilities for riders. The ski rental is in the hotel building.
More information about the hotel:
Though the week, as usual, will be packed with various SCIJ events, we will make time for a day trip to the city of Sochi with its beautiful and modern Olympic Park and the stunning contract between Soviet and modern architectural styles. There will also be a pre-tour of the greater Sochi area (January 15-18) and a post-tour that will, among other things, take participants on an excursion of the iconic Red Square in Moscow (January 25-28). We will share detailed information on pre and post tours additionally.
We will keep you posted on an ongoing basis.
All questions regarding the SCIJ 2020 winter meeting at Rosa Khutor can be sent to
A number of individuals will require a Visa to enter in Russia. You are required to fill out the online registration form and make your meeting payment in full prior to receiving the required invitation letter that will allow you to apply for your VISA. The Russian embassy in your country will also be advised of your arrival.
All participants requiring an entry visa will be covered with a Journalist Visa. This will ensure that your entire stay is covered from the point of entry until you leave. Regular visa fees (check with your local embassy/consulate) will apply.
In addition to the media credentials, each meeting participant will need to provide a bona fide letter of employment or a press card or if you are a freelancer, a letter from one of your key editorial suppliers. Those who don't need a visa are still required to register with the Russian foreign ministry as visiting foreign journalists. It will be easier than getting a visa and won't result in additional fees.
It is your responsibility to allow enough time for the processing of your VISA application. For visa related questions please contact the SCIJ Russia team at
We look forward to seeing you all in Russia at Rosa Khutor resort for a week of crazy skiing, good wine, interesting events and a warm atmosphere!
Best wishes,

The Organizing Committee
SCIJ Kazakhstan
SCIJ Russia