63rd SCIJ Meeting 13-20 March 2016

On Wednesday the sky exploded.
In 48 hours the clouds fell on the mountains covering them under a thick and soft blanket leaving the sky bright blue.

There was quite enough of snow already on Monday when we, for the first time climbed to Monte Motta.Fourteen years had passed since our, well, at least my previous visit to Sestriere. The slopes were not like this at that time. The bottoms of my skis were badly scratched after that SCIJ week. The hotels one could describe charmant.

Piemonte became little by little the most important skiing province since 1907, when the first ski lift was opened in Limone. It was some kind of a sledge for twenty people, dragged by a cable.A real boom got started when Giovanni Agnelli, founder of Fiat had ski lifts and two big hotels build in Sestriere in 1930, to be a winter playground for the jetset.When the Winter Olympic 1956 games went to Cortina d’Ampezzo, the jetset with its wannabes started moving to Alto-Adige.


After fifty years Prince Olympos rode to Piemonte and transformed the frog… I mean raised the sleeping beauty. Torino got her Games and Sestriere became the arena for the skiing competitors.
A huge renovation began. Now we find all the lower slopes with artificial snow. The two-day snowfall transformed a free skier’s paradise anywhere outside prepared slopes. The snowcats worked day and night. Still, at the sides of the slopes wide areas were left untouched for the beginners to safely practice, fall, look for the equipment and empty their jackets of snow.

Via Lattea is a confused collection of lifts, peaks, slopes, valleys and villages. It is not easy to navigate in, and it is wise to be constantly aware of where one is.

Via Lattea, that is Sestriere, Sauze D’Oulx, Claviere, Oulx, Cesana, Sansicario, Pragelato have 106 prepared slopes. So, if one is far away from home when the ski lifts close, busses travel between all the villages.Sestriere is a huge, well-oiled machine of tourism. If one looks for cozier, traditional environment, Sauze d’Oulx is the choice.

As our meaning was to stay on the slopes as much as possible, Vilaggio Olympico Sestriere is the place to stay. Three ski lifts start their travel within 100 m from V.O.S. Ski room is at the front door. There’s a large restaurant, a bar with excellent dark beer, a disco, a game area, a sauna, a swimming pool and a garage. What more do you need? And, as a plus, my room was 250 m from the breakfast room. It is a bit short for a morning jog, but did wake my legs up for the day’s activities.

As if the buffet of the restaurant is not enough for one’s coulinaristic desires, there’s La Gargote close to the ski lifts. It’s also an after-ski joint, where it’s easiest to converse with your table companion by phone with earplugs. At dinner time the music isn’t as loud.

As Via Lattea is a large are, the cloud condition varies from village to village and, of course, slope to slope.
When I skied to San Sicario, half of the way down I could hardly see the tips of my skis.
At the end of Olimpico slope I ended up to skyline together with some twenty kids, a bit higher than toddlers. Naturally they had priority, but their ski instructor wave me to come forth, positioned two of these small people on either of my side and asked me to take care of then on the ski lift. What could I do, when four dark brown, trusting eyes stared at mine and evidently explained to me how to behave on a ski lift.
What I learned of this: Had I checked the cloud condition before I took the gondola to Monte Freiteve, I would never have met these cute little things.

Sunday March 13


14.00 (From) - Meeting and accreditation in Palazzo Madama (, piazza Castello. Tourism information desk in cooperation with Turismo Torino ( Every member will receive a museums pass. Possibility of a free tour of the city.

18.00 - Palazzo Madama - Official welcome and dinner with Mayor of Torino Piero Fassino and other city officials.

20.00 (From) - Bus to Sestriere

21.00 - Last bus to Sestriere

22.00 - Arrive in Hotel Villaggio Olimpico and accommodation (

22.30 (From) - Rent ski in hotel

23.00 - Sala Bucaneve, Captains' meeting


Monday March 14


09.30 - Pista Olimpica Agnelli, OPENING CEREMONY. National teams will parade on the slope with skis. Official welcome with Valter Marin, Mayor of Sestriere, and Unione Comuni Olimpici Via Lattea

11.00 - Ski tour on the Via Lattea with ski instructors

13.30 - Light lunch in different places (instructions to captains about places will follow)

15.00 - Free ski with new members

17.00 - Hotel Villaggio Olimpico, Sala Ginepro, Think Thank: Rules and Future of Scij

21.30 - Sestriere, Discoteca Tabata, Nations' Night. From 23.30 Disco-night with Gigio DJ


Tuesday March 15


08.00 - Sala Bucaneve, Captains' meeting

09.30 - Free ski. Possibility of ski tour in Via Lattea and Monginevro (France). Departure from Hotel with skis (

14.00 - Training Giant Slalom, Pista Olimpica Agnelli

17.00 - Hotel Villaggio Olimpico, Sala Ginepro, Think Thank: Future of Scij

20.30 - Buffet dinner in hotel


Wednesday March 16


Sestriere, Pista Olimpica G. A. Agnelli, GIANT SLALOM

09.00 - Warm up

09.45 - Start of the race

12.00 - Award ceremony

13.00 - Light lunch with ”polenta and typical Piemonte food” at Rifugio Aquila Nera (on the slopes)

17.00 - Sestriere, Sala Atl Turismo, Conference: “Olympic Memory. Torino 2006 opportunity and development” (details will follow )

20.00 - Buffet dinner in hotel

22.30 - Teatro Hotel Villaggio Olimpico, live music


Thursday March 17


08.00 - Captains' meeting, Sala Bucaneve

09.30 - Free ski. For a small group of people possibility of experience of ski mountaineering and free ride with Ferrino and Carlo Alberto Cimenti, first Italian Snowleopard Ambassador, decoration awarded only to mountaineers who climb the five peaks above 7.000 meters in the nations of the ex Soviet Union. ( (details will follow)

10.00 - Pista Olimpica Sestriere. Demo-exhibition Team Italia Interski and Demo Paralympic Ski. By Collegio Nazionale Maestri di Sci, Associazione Maestri Sci Italiani e FISI

14.00 - Free training cross-country (transfer by public bus to Pragelato)


20.00 - French delegation presents “Val Cenis 2017”

20.30 - Dinner at Gargotte with in cooperation with Regione Marche. Guest: Flavio Roda, President of FISI (Italian Federation of Ski)


Friday March 18


Pragelato, Olympic Park, CROSS COUNTRY

08.30 - Bus to Pragelato

09.00 - Ski rental

10.00 - Start of the race

12.00 - Award ceremony and buffet with local food

13.00 - Bus to Sestriere

14.00 - 10th anniversary of theTurin Olimpic Games with the Volunteers of Torino 2006, Scij Teams and participants Fis Police Ski. Pista Olimpica Slalom, Rock concert with Dirty Licks.

17.00 - Sestriere, Cinema Fraiteve, Memory documentary-films on “Olympic Games Torino 2006” in cooperation with Rai TV

19.30 - Fireworks

19.30 - Sestriere, Sala Atl Turismo, Dinner with a partner 63° Scij Meeting - 22.30 - Disco in Tabata


Saturday March 19


09.00 - Sala Bucaneve, Captains' meeting

09.30 - Free ski

13.00 - Hotel Villaggio Olimpico Garden, Lunch

17.00 - Sestriere, Sala Atl Turismo, SCIJ Roundtable: “Refugee crisis in Africa, Europe and the Middle East”

20.30 - Hotel Villaggio Olimpico, Gala dinner in Hotel with “TU, Langhe e Roero”, World Heritage Site and the cultural landscape of these vineyards, declared the 50th Italian location to be protected by UNESCO ( Cooking show. Award Ceremony Combined


Sunday March 20


Departure - Post Tour

Olympic and World Cup champion Piero Gros praises journalists before SCIJ competitions and powder skiing.

GS and CC results

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Super Senior Women

1- Lena Hoglund Last - SWE 3

2- Martine Lanctot - CAN 4

3- Barbara Goio - ITA 6


Senior Women

1- Gisella Motta - ITA 4

2- Elisabet Frerot-Södergren - SWE 5

3- Helena Blomquist - SWE 8


Junior Women

1- Linda Salajkovà - CZ 7

2- Anne Fournier - SUI 8

3- Astrid Wendlandt - FRA 9



Super Senior Men

1- Luigi Brecciaroli - ITA 3

2- Matjaz Albreth - SLO 3

3- Corrado Giustiniani - ITA 9


Senior Men

1- Miroslav Parobek SLK 3

2- Daniele Benvenuti ITA 9

3- Frederick Wallace CAN 11


Junior Men

1- Petr Mlch CZ 3

2- Blaz Mocnik SLO 3

3- Christophe Ungar SUI 6

SCIJ female champions in GS 2016:
2. Lucia Caretti, 1. Astrid Wendtlandt, 3. Cris Gibert

SCIJ male champions in GS 2016:
2. Christophe Ungar, 1. Blaz Mocnik, 3. Petr Mlch