Val di Fiemme, Italy 2001

About sixty years ago Trentino-Alto Adige was one of the poorest areas in Italy. Today the three winter months bring in all the money the province needs for the whole year. This does not mean that people just wait nine months to have something to do.

All kinds of festivals and activities have been arraged to the tourists who know the area from winter and want to see what all that beauty looks like in summer. Of own experience I may assure that it does not get any worse.
In winter one could almost forget skiing and just enjoy the scenery. On the other hand the scenery is so opera-like that it demands dramatic action.
In hunt for young downhill stars the Italian Union of Skiers has funded the small villages to help them update their ski resorts. Those who most benefit from this are us tourists.

During Sellaronda - the 27 km ski safari around the mountain we could notice the environmentally healthy fact that no tourist resorts have been built on the mountains.

Instead all the tourists live in the original old villages and reach the ski areas by car or ski bus. However, the tight net of modern ski lifts ensures quick transport.
The round and trips to other resorts outside the round gave a very good idea of the enormous skiing potential.


The chosen ones
As usual in recent years some 200 SCIJers gathered in the little village of Stava between Tesero and Pampeago ski area of the Latemar mountains. Our group was divided in three hotels the biggest and nearest to the slopes being Hotel Shandrani. In Shandrani we also hadthe whole official program from General Assembly to Nation's evening. Usually this is where most of the unofficial program took place, too.

Grand Slalom
Our GS race took place Pampeago. Everybody had to ski the same 1200 meter track, which didn't seem to be too demanding to anyone. After a steepish start a long and slow part gave a chance to relax and collect power to last steep part.


Cross Country
In Val di Fiemme we had the opportunity to ski the real race trail of the Lago di tesero ski stadium. The trails had been prepared for a Nordic Combined competition. On the same trails The Nordic Skiing World Championship races were to take place in 2003

In spite of the cloudless sky we enjoyed the whole week some clouds had gathered on the future plans of S.C.I.J. As result of some changes in the Lake Tahoe management our meeting there has been canselled or at least postponed.
As we now know the Italian team sent us a patrol that rescued us in Sestriere.

International Committee
Some changes happened in the IC. Ginette Lamarche gave up her job as the manager of intellectual activities in our meetings and Franco Sitton as technical advisor. they were replaced by Agneta Bolmeo-Börjefors and Uros Sostaric.